Monday, June 8, 2009

Israeli Whispering Campaign on Iran

It seems an Israeli whispering campaign is afoot to lay the foundation for preemptive military action against Iran. A recent Senate Foreign Relations Committee report on Iran's nuclear program contains comments from unidentified (though undoubtedly Israeli) foreign officials questing the US intelligence community's work on Iran's nuclear program. They contend US underestimates Iran's capabilities and that Iran definitely intends to seek nuclear weapons, in contradiction of the most recent US National Intelligence Estimate on Iran.

Former senior US intelligence official Pat Lang says the Israelis are deliberately undermining the US intelligence community and that Israeli abilities regarding Iran are actually "rather primitive," stating Israel gets about 90% of their raw data on Iran from the US. During CNI's recent political pilgrimage to the Middle East, a senior Knesset member told our team that Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak had recently told him they had no good intelligence on Iran's nuclear program.